Friday, July 12, 2013


1. So during the summer Our Chalet has a ton of guests, generally young girls, who come to visit during the summer holidays. Most of these girls do a week of program at the Chalet, activities including two town days: Thun and Interlocken, two hikes: Elsigenalp and woodcarver, one on site day, one day at the adventure park, and one free day! This is a normal week of program for these girls, not including all the night program we do, which includes a night hike to the peak of an alp! However, we also have mini breaks in between big program groups. These are called Education First (EF) groups. These are a bit different to the groups we see during the week because EF is a tour company that not only works with girl scouts/guides, but also school and church groups. The EF tour that we often host has the girls coming from London then Paris and then to Our Chalet as a last stop. These girls have usually had about two weeks of traveling when they get to us and they are often very tired. They stay for 1 1/2 days and two nights. It is crazy how different the two groups dynamics are.

2. Now to say a bit more about Swiss food! We have a traditional dish about 2 times every week, one for EF and once for the program group. It is called Rosti:

I have never had it the traditional Swiss way because here at the Chalet to make it quick and easy we bake the dish rather than frying it. So I believe it would be better getting it out, but it is still pretty good at the Chalet. Another really Swiss dish is called Alpine Macaroni

If you can tell, what makes it Alpine rather than normal Macaroni is the: caramelized onion, potato, meat, and apple sauce (that you pour on top), that accompany the macaroni and cheese. The other big dish that I am sure you have heard of is Fondue which literally means "melted' in Swiss German. They do cheese fondue, chocolate fondue, etc.

3. One of the night programs we offer is international night. This is the night after the guest's first full day at Our Chalet. On this night each unit/troop/group puts on a bit of a show to tell about where they come from. This week we had a few groups from Canada, the USA, one from Scotland, and one from Northern Ireland. This time around we learned/watched a dance from almost every group. Whether it was line dancing from the Michigan girls, or traditional Irish Clogging from the Irish girls we could all stand up and participate. My personal favorite was the dance the Scottish showed us. It was a partnered dance and it was crazy! Here is a video of that dance:

4. Have learned a lot of new dances, but also a lot of new campfire songs! Here are my top 5 new fav songs!

5. When guests come to Our Chalet they are told they can try to earn the Our Chalet Challenge badge. They must complete a good amount of challenges to get said badge and the amount of times I have to give my signature is ridiculous. However, we as vollies can complete the staff challenge. With over 30 options and earning up to 80 points the staff challenge is no small matter. The challenge tasks range from having a tea party in baby chalet, to checking out the night life in Adelboden, to trying an extreme sport. They seem to be a list of things not to miss out on while on staff. I am trying to complete mine, but I only have 18 points so far... But don't worry everyone! I have a plan to do three tasks a week from now on! Hopefully I can earn whatever it is you earn when you complete the staff challenge!

Have a good weekend!!!

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  1. Ah Jocelyn, the song list makes me feel so slack! I know all those songs, we just never sang much as a troop. Resolve to spread group singing to every group of which you are part. A dead tradition in the USA. The concert trip sounds an adventure!Thanks for the blog -- it has made my summer. I will make sure everyone in GS I know reads it!